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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Introduction To Kitchen Extract Systems – TR19

(TR19 are the ductwork cleaning guidelines provided by Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) for internal cleanliness of ventilation systems).

The introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has created the legal requirement for all buildings to have a fire assessment undertaken. To comply with the legislation any identified fire hazards must be minimised, controlled or removed where possible.

Buildings which have restaurants/kitchens or canteens will have grease extract ductwork systems which take grease laden air from the cooking area and vent it out to the atmosphere. Grease extract ductwork systems are deemed by fire services and insurance industry to be one of the highest risks of fire in any commercial building, if not cleaned.

70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate from faulty extract systems due to a build-up of fat and grease.

Grease build-up within an extract system forms a hidden combustion risk. Under certain circumstances flame or very high temperatures within the duct can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct.


From experience we have found extract systems to be in extremely poor condition if not maintained correctly. This not only poses a serious health and safety risk to the owners but often residential properties are found directly above restaurants.

The photographs below are from an inspection we carried out where the owner was told a full clean was completed less than a year previous. The owner had no photographs or post clean report which would make any insurance claim practically impossible should a fire occur.


Benefits From Regular Cleaning

Fire Safety: By reducing the contamination in the ducting, the combustion load of fire safety is greatly enhanced.

Image: It will improve the environmental image of the company, improve the general odour and reduce pest infestation.

Costs: There is the potential to reduce the running costs due to the reduction in electrical loading and in certain instances fuel consumption.

Loyalty Bonus: Upon completion of four cleans we offer the fifth clean at half price.