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Introduction to D&E

D&E was established following many years working in the air hygiene industry.

‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know’ was the motto!

Deciding on a company name was easy. It had to include two of the main reasons why we do what we do on a daily basis.


D&E was established…Dylan & Evie


Kitchen Extract Cleaning: Carried out in accordance with TR19 guidelines

A heavy build up of grease and oils is a large fire risk and as a result many insurance companies will not cover this unless professional cleaning has been carried out to a high standard and documents can be provided to demonstrate this. 

Cleaning consists of canopy, plenum, associated ductwork, sound attenuators, turning vanes, fans & vents, drip trays & filters, discharge duct.


Ductwork Cleaning & Sampling

Although out of sight an accumulation of dust/debris inside ductwork can have a major impact on the effectiveness of the system, this could therefore lead to expensive costs should this lead to plant failure. 

Cleaning is carried out using various pieces of equipment and hand cleaning methods. Pre and post samples can be obtained to establish the level of contamination present and to verify the cleanliness of the internal conditions.


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Various tests are undertaken to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of the ventilation systems and samples obtained to ascertain the microbiological conditions within the premises.


Fire Damper Inspection & Testing: Carried out in accordance with BS9999:2017 guidelines

Fire safety and awareness is very much at the forefront of peoples minds after recent much publicised tragedies.

Fire dampers are an essential component in ductwork. Due to its importance they must comply with certain regulations and be present throughout all buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Colleges, Care Homes, Offices etc). Dampers are designed to detect, prevent and contain the spread of fire in the event of such.


CCTV Ductwork Surveys

Footage recorded to establish the internal condition of ductwork sections. Can be used to highlight any damage so remedial action can be carried out. 

*Full reports including certificate, pre & post photographs along with future recommendations are issued on completion of the above services.