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Fire Damper Inspection & Testing

Fire dampers should be inspected on annually in accordance with BS9999 for correct function and condition in compliance with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and physically cleaned when required.

Fire and smoke dampers require routine maintenance procedures in-order for dampers to operate as intended in any case in which fire and smoke may occur within the building. Periodic testing of all parts linked to the damper is essential to maintaining a working damper.

Due to their importance they must comply with certain regulations and be present throughout all buildings (schools, colleges, hospitals, care home, offices etc). Dampers are designed to detect, prevent and contain the spread of fire in the event of such.

Many premises we have visited do not have a fire damper register or know how many or where they are located. Documentation is crucial so please get in touch to ensure you and you’re premises are compliant.